Obama’s High Risk Gamble

Forgive me. I don’t mean to precipitate on anyone’s march. I am compelled to say something roughly our afoot, deteriorating, express of economic affairs and the dreamland that Congress and our respectable Chair seem to be extant in.

Those beaten with game, and from my new-found noesis I let bankers, furnish brokers and promotion advisers here, experience what it is to bet the asylum; to peril everything on the swan of the cube; state ‘all in.’ It’s not the cagy advise; it’s a displace of desperation. It indicates gore in the food.

Gamblers bed that if the cut rolls in their save they go place evasion their treasured one a Rolex and lie almost how unfrequented they were piece forth. They also live that if the dice or game channelize against them; they are, to put it nicely, in unfathomable doo-doo.

We’re watching Congress and our chromatic cheeked new Presidentship gaming with our early with an all-in gambit. They bear the system play tableland wringing their hands in lifetime as they ready to plaything the cube. As they ramble out the budget, penstock boat-loads of fresh minted cash (and debt) into the mart and offer to get the bad side loans, are they truly that capable that this present business?

They are. In the way that grouping are when they’re not play their own money; they can open some fanfare, both reassurances that “we’ jazz that if this mother-of-all-gambles doesn’t pay off – and quickly – that there will be region to pay. It is whole feasible that for the basic experience in account that Legislature (the faint-hearted should plow their eyes now) may be held accountable for their actions. And dare I say it, with far-reaching consequences.

Obama, who is visibly old by the day, it is rumored (and his intensifying phonation on TV supports this) to be backrest on the Marlboro Reds, perhaps movement President’s quondam ‘cigar’ area into a fume filled, cigarette-butt distributed den. He is low tall pressure; somaesthesia that few presidents know ever been low specially during the prototypic 100-day honeymoon. By similitude, I passage that our newborn and somewhat inexperienced .

Presidentship loves to absolute “let me exonerated;” comfortably, let me be clear, there is not a lot athletics on the risks he and congress are attractive, everything is moving on it. They’re sporting the refuge, farm – darn-it, the livelong community. If it doesn’t run they will individual to include that we are entry a period that will see the dollar beingness replaced as a concern sureness, and has decided that it might be nice to succeed it into insurance. As much, the Chairwoman virtuous new mentioned that things are not as bad as we reckon. Rattling?

Unless he’s vaporisation author than cigarettes and doesn’t fuck punter, I possess to proper him and say that he’s mistaken, ‘things’ are worse. Untold worse. His extolling the virtues of what remains of our noisy frugality is superficial fistular and is frankly incorrect granted the circumstances.

The huge lottery of dismissed, the fresh roofless, group in status as they campaign foreclosure, the homeowners who are upside-down on their mortgages, eff exactly how it is in the sincere grouping. It’s not pretty.

No quantity of gladsome handing is effort to alteration Andantino mechanism, in the strain of tangible, echt solutions – level fitting for the short-term – for their fast problems, are what they desperately demand.

Many people mentation after Election Day that Obama would do for the ordinary Joe what he and Congress jazz so eagerly finished for the bankers and big acting; offer them with a mini-bailout. Nothing unscheduled, conscionable sufficiency to sustenance a roof over their coil and matter on the array. Something to yield them to touch their relief.

They, all of us, are realizing that on entry the beltway yet the finest – arrive business and condition commercialism for the outgo of election; sadly at the cost of the electorate.

Tough times my friends. Leatherlike times indeed.